Stroma Whisky Liqueur


Stroma is an island off the northern coast of mainland Scotland. Stroma Malt Whisky Liqueur takes its name from this windswept island and the name originates from the old Norse Language meaning 'island in the stream'. The dangerous currents off the island's shores include the famous "Swelkie" whirlpool and the Stroma lighthouse warns ships away from these dangerous shores.

Stroma island was once home to around 400 people but the last native islanders left in 1962. Now its only permanent inhabitants are the seals, birds and sheep that live on the island. Old Pulteney Stroma Liqueur remains as a lasting legacy to those hardy islanders and the tough conditions which they endured...

This fine liqueur is a careful blend of award winning malt whiskies from Old Pulteney; a mix of lighter and more vigorous malt whiskies. Stroma is smooth, sweet tasting and warming and like the island itself, Stroma is packed full of robust and rugged undertones. Guaranteed to appeal to the more discerning drinker, this unique liqueur can be served neat or over ice. Stroma Malt Whisky Liqueur from Old Pulteney leaves a pleasantly warm and comforting afterglow.


  • International Spirits Challenge 2017 Silver
  • International Spirits Challenge 2017 Silver
  • International Spirits Challenge 2016 Gold
  • IWSC 2016 Silver Outstanding
  • WWA 2015 Gold
  • IWSC 2015 Silver