Balblair Aged 12 Years

Tucked away in the ancient heart of the Highlands, you'll find the Balblair distillery. A place where you'll be warmly welcomed. Our whisky reflects this place and the people who have been here for generations. Like our style, it is measured yet open; understated yet self-assured. It has a unique appeal, a quality that speaks for itself. We create it with pride and a dedication to excellence. We honour centuries-old traditions, but we also look forward in our pursuit of perfection. And we take our time. A gentle, hands-on approach is what gives our whisky its distinctive character. A character you won't find anywhere else.

Balblair comes from a unique place where the pace of life is easy. Our malt is crafted slowly and is matured at the distillery in traditional dunnage warehouses on earthen floors. We're proud of our heritage and have used traditional methods since we rolled our first barrels back in 1790. And yet we're not afraid to tinker with tradition if it serves to improve our product. Our single malt is the perfect mix of nature and nurture and we believe in quality above all else. The taste is exceptional, and keeping it that way is what drives us; not volume. We never get hung up on the unnecessary. The whisky is the reason we are here – it is our sole focus.

The Balblair Collection

  • Balblair Aged 12 Years
    12 Years
  • Balblair Aged 15 Years
    15 Years
  • Balblair Aged 18 Years
    18 Years
  • Balblair Aged 25 Years
    25 Years